Paying Attention to Your Pain

Paying Attention to Your Pain We have all heard the saying: “No pain, No gain”. There is a lot of truth in this statement, but it must be understood within its properRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Aug 29, 2016

The Seriousness of “Settling”

          Have you seen the Direct TV commercial that introduces us to a family called the “Settlers” (attached). The gist of the commercial is that the “Settler” familyRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Feb 24, 2016

Recognizing the 3 Kinds of Fear

In our last post we highlighted the difference between fear and danger, noting that fear often is found where there is danger, but is in fact not dangerous itself.  This is importantRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Feb 13, 2016

Discerning the Difference Between Fear & Danger

In the 2013 Sci-Fi movie “After Earth”, actor Will Smith plays General Cypher Raige who is known for his ability to “ghost”; which is a state of having no fear, and thereby becomesRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Feb 4, 2016

Finding Your “One Thing”

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in studying people, and life in general, is that the difference between those who succeed and those who do not is often veryRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Jan 25, 2016

Pursuing Your Passion

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever been given the advice to “Follow your passion”!? You like me, as well as, multitude of others, have been given this advise byRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Jan 18, 2016

Your Gift, Provision and Purpose

Your Gift, Purpose & Provision “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.”  Proverbs 18:16 The word “gift” in this text has two distinct meanings that are important forRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Jan 17, 2016

The Power of Parallels Upon Your Purpose

Many people have come to a place in their lives or careers where they are feeling frustrated at the lack of manifestation, reward and fulfillment they receive from what they do. InRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Jan 15, 2016