The Importance of Distinguishing Legal Possession & Literally Manifestation

There is an aspect of the work of Christ that has been misunderstood that concerns the difference between the work that has been legally done on our behalf, and the work thatRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Jan 17, 2017

What Is the Gospel?

The Gospel – What is it? What is the gospel? Sounds like an easy question for the church to answer. However, if you were to poll the church, and ask this sameRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Jan 2, 2017

And … a King is Born!

On this day, December 25th, we commemorate the birth of Christ the Messiah. It is true, that no one knows the exact date on which Jesus was born, therefore the celebrations takingRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Dec 25, 2016

The Problem with the Church’s Salvation Paradigm

In my last article I wanted to provide a high level introduction to what paradigms are and their impact upon the church’s perception of scripture, itself and its work in the world.Read More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Dec 23, 2016

Understand the Power of Paradigms In & Upon the Church: An Introduction

In this introductory article on paradigms I want to provide a high level picture of: (1) what paradigms are, and (2)  their impact upon how we perceive scripture and ourselves, both withinRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Dec 14, 2016

Paying Attention to Your Pain

Paying Attention to Your Pain We have all heard the saying: “No pain, No gain”. There is a lot of truth in this statement, but it must be understood within its properRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Aug 29, 2016

The Seriousness of “Settling”

          Have you seen the Direct TV commercial that introduces us to a family called the “Settlers” (attached). The gist of the commercial is that the “Settler” familyRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Feb 24, 2016

Recognizing the 3 Kinds of Fear

In our last post we highlighted the difference between fear and danger, noting that fear often is found where there is danger, but is in fact not dangerous itself.  This is importantRead More...
By : revjcmatthews01 | Feb 13, 2016